Why Work with a NARPM Property Management Company?

When evaluating which property management company is right for you, a lot of factors come into play. Price, responsiveness, reviews, and experience are all typical things to compare. But how is the company perceived in the property management community? How “legit” are they? There are certain associations and designations that property management companies can be part of and earn. When picking a property management company, it is important to understand what these organizations are and why you should care.

What is Rently?

You may notice a Rently link on some of our property listings (see below). In short, Rently is a tool we use that allows potential tenants to view properties on their own time. With this tool you can simply register online, sign up for a time to view the property, obtain the access code for that day and time, and send feedback after you check out the home.

Do I Need a Property Manager?

How hard is it really to manage your own rental property? Find a nice renter who will take care of the place as if it were their own and collect a rent check every month. Maybe send someone over to do yard work every once in a while. While it sounds easy enough, the perfect tenant/owner relationship does not come around very often.

The Best Vendors in Portland

Last month we had the pleasure of hosting our vendors for lunch as a small way to say thank you! It takes a village to manage and care for all our rental properties and we would not be able to do it without them. We have curated our list of vendors over the last 35+ years so we are confident that we have the best in Portland working on your home.

4 Tips for Building a Great Owner-Tenant Relationship

Building a great owner-tenant relationship can be very tricky. At the end of the day the owner wants to make money off their investment property, and the tenant wants a great place to live for as little rent or hassle as possible. The best way to ensure that everyone gets what they want is to set realistic expectations for both parties at the beginning and continue to communicate throughout the process.

Landlord Liability: What You Need to Know

Getting your property ready to rent is one thing, and protecting that property, and yourself, is another. Property management companies do a lot more than taking rent payments. Navigating the world of rental property liability is murky at best, and a complicated area without professional help if an issue arises, or to help ensure you are getting the best quality tenants. There are some instances where a landlord may be held responsible and are good cause for a very thorough tenant screening process.