How to Market Your Portland Rental Home | Property Management Education

There are two important parts of marketing your rental home; taking pictures and posting in the right places.

You want to take amazing shots of the inside and outside of your home. Always make sure everything is neat and tidy. You also want good lighting for these photos. When you are taking pictures of the outside of the property, make sure you remove any vehicles from the driveway or from the area in front of the house. If you can, try to shoot your pictures an hour or an hour and a half before sundown. This will give your photos the perfect golden lighting to highlight the beauty of your home and the neighborhood it’s located in.

For pictures of the interior, you want to use as much natural light as possible. Try to shoot from the corners of every room because that will make the space look bigger. With these useful tips for photos, you will make your home look stunning to people who are checking out your listing.

There are a lot of options for where to post your home online. Our biggest pool for clients is Craigslist. That is a user-based listing service that’s very easy to use. All you have to do is put in some basic information about your rental home, which should include a property description and the location. It will be seen by thousands of people. Craigslist is our most popular search base and we always get a lot of responses when we post ads there. Trulia and Zillow are also beneficial, not so much as home searching services but as a resource for gathering information. These sites are not as easy to manage, but they are helpful for people to look at. Renters get an idea of what’s available in a specific neighborhood and what kind of price range to expect. These sites can be used as comparison tools.

There are also local classified sites and newspapers that you can use to get a rental listing out. This will give you a broad audience for your listing, but papers are updated irregularly, so sometimes things fall behind. We always recommend you put up a sign in front of the property. We have had great success posting signs that include basic contact information and letting people know the home is for rent. You’ll have to anticipate potential tenants calling you for more information, but it’s a good way to get a lot of responses, especially when the sign is on a corner or a busy street.

If you have any questions about marketing, please contact us at Mainlander Property Management, and we’d be happy to help you.