Tips for Moving with Pets

Many properties represented by Mainlander Property Management allow pets with proof of qualifications such as spay/neuter and certain weight restrictions. Moving into a new home is challenging and with a pets can get stressed. Our beloved pet companions can use a helping hand in transitioning to their new environment. Here are some tips to make the move as pleasant as possible for all members of your family.

Start the process before the actual move-in date by acclimating your pet to a carrier or kennel, if they do not already have one and are comfortable with it. Give them at least a week’s time before the move to find the kennel safe and familiar. At the time of moving, it also can be used to keep your pet away from the movers, and to prevent them from running out a door in confusion or fear during the moving process. This also will make transporting your pet in the kennel car to their new home easier, especially if the driving distance is a long one.

Checking in with your vet before the move allows your current vet to provide you with any health risks or information about the geographic location you are moving to in regards to your pet. Be sure to request copies of your pet’s medical records to easily transfer your pet’s medical history to their new doctor.  

If you are flying with your pet, check with the airlines for any procedures or paperwork that needs to be taken care of in advance. Airlines often require certifications of health and proof of current vaccines before allowing an animal to fly, and you don’t want to find out the day of flying that your pet is not cleared to travel with you.

Once your pet arrives at your new home, prioritize setting up a secure home base for your them. Familiar bedding, toys, and even a shirt belonging to you or another member of your family will provide familiar scents and sights in the new area. Starting off with your pet in one room in the new home lessens the stress of new surroundings. By giving your cat or dog time to explore the home with a gradually increasing area where they can travel keeps the feelings of insecurity and overwhelm to a minimum.