Tips for Getting Your Portland Home Rent Ready

Starting from the outside, curb appeal is definitely very important to potential tenants. It’s just as important as the inside of the house. Take a look at your home’s exterior and make sure the grass is cut, the lawn is neat and tidy and the yard is free of any debris.

Inside the house, if you’re in the process of moving, boxes are okay as long as they are organized and out of the way. It’s always best not to have any garbage scattered around and you don’t want your clothes or personal items lying around because that could make potential tenants uncomfortable.

Be open-minded about murals or personalized paint you might have on the walls in the property. It’s a good idea to consider painting so you have more neutral colors on the walls before you have tenants come to see the property. Your personal items are important to you, but you want tenants to feel welcome when they are looking at the property.

Having an odor-free house is also very important to potential tenants. If you had pets or this house has been a rental for a while and previous tenants have had pets, it’s a good idea to clean really well and have any lingering pet odors removed. That will be a really big turn off to tenants who come and see your home.

Another thing that can really add value to your rental is a washing machine and a dryer. If you can, make those appliances available to your tenants to rent. This is not always possible in every property, but it’s a huge selling point when your property goes on the rental market.

Hopefully these tips have helped you get your property ready for the rental market. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us at Mainlander Property Management.