The Move In and Move Out Process: Portland Landlord Advice

On our blog today, we are sharing some ideas for how to have a successful move in and move out process with tenants. The move in process is important because it reflects heavily on the type of tenancy you will have.

Move In
At the point of move in, we recommend you make sure the home is very clean and the carpets have been professionally cleaned. Ensure that all the major systems are working; plumbing and electrical. Make sure the roof is clear of branches and debris and the gutters have been cleaned out. All of your appliances should be clean and functional.

It’s important to ensure the exterior of your home is also in good condition. This is the standard you are setting for your tenants to return your property at the end of the lease, so it’s essential to have everything neat and tidy. We suggest you take a video or pictures of the property to coincide with a written report of the property that goes room by room. You’ll want to note the condition of the carpet, the walls and all of those details. Document everything, including what kind of appliances you have – what brands they are and how old they are. Give the tenant an opportunity to do a separate report. They might notice additional repairs that are needed when they move in. Those things should be noted and you should allow the tenant to keep a copy of both inspection reports.

Move Out
The move out process is very similar to the move in process except that obviously, the tenant is moving out of the property and there will be a notice period. It’s a good idea to have a detailed letter that shares your expectations with the tenant. You’ll want to let them know where to turn in the keys, what their pro-rated rent balance is and any specific cleaning that needs to be done. You need to know the specific move out date and you want to do a complete walk-through of the property. That walk through can be completed with the tenant or on your own, depending on your comfort level. Again – take pictures or videos and put together a written report so you can compare the condition of the property at move in and at move out.

You are required to do a final accounting to all tenants. If you charge their security deposit for damage, you’ll need documentation to back that up.

If you have any questions about the move in process or the move out process, please contact us at Mainlander Property Management, and we’d be happy to help you.