Tips for Portland Tenants: The Move In Process

Today we are explaining the move in process for our future Mainlander tenants. At the point that you’re ready to move in, your application has been approved and you’ve signed the agreement and paid your security deposit.

The next step is to schedule a move in appointment with your property manager. You should call the Mainlander office, and if you’re not sure which team member is managing your new home, the
receptionist will be happy to assist you.

There are several things you’ll need to bring to your move in appointment. The property manager will send you a copy of your lease via email. Please print that lease and initial the first four pages. Then, sign and date the last page as well as the addendum. Additionally, you’ll need to bring a copy of your renter’s insurance and all of your utility account numbers. Please note that we cannot turn over the property to you without this complete information.

Lastly, any unpaid balance will need to be settled at the move in appointment. If you owe pro-rated rent or an additional security deposit, these items will need to be paid for with separate checks. It’s important to note that we cannot accept credit cards, debit cards or cash at the move in appointment. You will need to pay with a money order or a personal check.

You will be provided with keys, remotes and an information packet that will help orient you to your new home. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about the tenant move in process. If you need more information, please contact us at Mainlander Property Management. Good luck with your move in!