What is Rently?

What is Rently?

You may notice a Rently link on some of our property listings (see below). In short, Rently is a tool we use that allows potential tenants to view properties on their own time. With this tool you can simply register online, sign up for a time to view the property, obtain the access code for that day and time, and send feedback after you check out the home. Not only does this allow for more viewings for the owner, it also gives the potential tenant more options and flexibility based on their scheduling needs.


Why Should Owners Love Rently?

  • Allows more renters the opportunity to view your property
  • Everyone viewing your property will be registered and receive a one-time access code specific to your home, ensuring a safe and secure interaction
  • A post-showing survey will provide managers with real time feedback and analytics on your property
  • Multiple points of security including credit card authentication, credential verification, and artificial intelligence ensure a secure showing

Why Should Tenants Love Rently?

  • You can view the property when it works best for your schedule
  • A post-showing survey makes it easy to give feedback and get started on the next step in the process
  • Makes it easy to view a property multiple times if necessary
  • It only costs $0.99 to register and view as many properties as you want

Curious how Rently can help you view more properties at your own convenience? This video explains how to use Rently's self showing technology. If you have any questions or want to put a Rently on your property, give us a call at 503-635-4477.