Why Work with a NARPM Property Management Company?

When evaluating which property management company is right for you, a lot of factors come into play. Price, responsiveness, reviews, and experience are all typical things to compare. But how is the company perceived in the property management community? How “legit” are they? There are certain associations and designations that property management companies can be part of and earn. When picking a property management company, it is important to understand what these organizations are and why you should care.


NARPM stands for the National Association of Residential Property Managers. It is the premiere professional association for residential property managers. They have chapters all over the country that are designed to help property managers do their jobs better.


NARPM members have access to countless online trainings and tools that keep them up to date with ways to better manage your property as well as staying on top of both federal and state laws that may impact your rental.

National Conventions & Technology

The annual national convention and trade show keeps property managers up to date on the latest trends in property management and technology. This helps NARPM property management companies to run more efficiently while making the lives of their tenants and owners easier with technology upgrades. These conventions also give property managers a chance to learn from each other and teach each other how to be better. When you work with a NARPM property management company, you have the historical knowledge from thousands of property managers across the country at your fingertips.

Ethics & Legislation

Every NARPM member is required to take ethics courses every few years. Integrity and ethical behavior is the cornerstone of NARPM and is emphasized greatly. These high ethical standards make NARPM members the premier choice for property owners and tenants.

The vast educational resources for NARPM members allows them to stay up-to-date with new city, state, or federal laws that may effect your rental property. This allows them to quickly protect you and your investment without any hiccups or headaches in the process.

NARPM Property management companies are eligible to continue to update and refine their skills through several prestigious designations. Individual members can earn the Residential Management Professional (RMP) and Master Property Manager (MPM) designations. The highest level a NARPM company can reach is to be a Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC). This can only be earned by a company that has reached he highest level of excellence in their profession.

Even if you do not hire Mainlander as your property management company, we encourage you to consider a company that is an active member of NARPM. If you have any questions about the importance of NARPM, please reach out. We would be happy to tell you more about the benefits of a NARPM property management company!