How to Avoid Rental Scams: Portland Landlord Education

Today, we are talking about rental scams and how you can protect your property against being used in an online scam. Online rental scams are a sad side effect of today’s online marketplace. So many people are looking for a great home at a fantastic price, and this dream opens up many opportunities for your property to be used in an online scam. These scams are designed to relieve victims of their money, either through upfront credit checks that never actually occur or by gathering personal information to be used in identity theft.

Tips for Moving with Pets

Many properties represented by Mainlander Property Management allow pets with proof of qualifications such as spay/neuter and certain weight restrictions. Moving into a new home is challenging and with a pets can get stressed. Our beloved pet companions can use a helping hand in transitioning to their new environment. Here are some tips to make the move as pleasant as possible for all members of your family.

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning this Winter

Carbon monoxide is a silent, odorless killer that continues to claim lives each year as a result of faulty natural gas appliances. In fact, carbon monoxide poisoning is the single most prevalent hazard within homes that use gas-powered appliances. And the most dangerous times are the winter months, when homes are shut up tight to keep out the cold, running gas-fueled heating systems to keep things warm and toasty. U.S. state laws vary, but as a rule of thumb it’s good to know that the bare minimum expected in most states is that the property should remain in a habitable condition. This includes the upkeep of any gas appliances.