What we do as your Property Manager

Fill Vacancies

Advertise your rental

Handle tenant inquiries


Background and credit investigations

Application processing

Lease signing


Full service repair

Rent collection


Coordinate evictions


How Property Management Works


Our staff is knowledgable in property values, local neighborhoods, and rental markets to advise you on appropriate rental fees for your property. We are thoroughly trained in the inspection of every kind of investment property, from single family homes to condominiums.

Tenant Screening

We take professional pride in finding qualified and quality tenants for your property. In the past few years we've averaged over 500 home rentals a year with an average vacancy of less than two weeks.

Legal Matters

A selection of appropriate standard or custom agreement forms provide legal protection for both you and your property.

Rent Collection & Dispersal

Rents are collected by the fifth day of each month. Rental proceeds and late fees are paid on a predetermined date. In the event of late payments, collection practices are started promptly and evictions, should they be necessary, are handled in a timely and efficient manner to reduce the chance of difficult or costly situations.

Eviction Protection

Evictions can happen to any landlord no matter how well a tenant is screened. Circumstances change in people's lives and they are not able to pay the rent. When this happens the landlord has to go through the costly procedure of evicting the tenant.

Our cost effective program protects our owners from the high cost and time consuming headaches that come with evicting a tenant. For a small monthly fee of $10 per month / per unit, this program covers virtually all the filing fees and court costs for an eviction. This has the potential to save you $300 to $1000+. The only part of an eviction not covered is a jury trial or counter claim, should that be necessary. In the 35+ years we have been handling evictions for our owners, we have never had to go through a jury trial.


Each month you will receive a detailed income and expense report. At the end of the year you are provided with a comprehensive statement for your tax records. You always know exactly where you stand regarding income and expenses.

Property Maintenance

Our extensive list of reliable, reasonable and responsible contractors can cover any repairs or maintenance your property may require. Should an emergency arise we provide 24 hour care.

IRS Residential Rental Expenses | Publication 527

Our Fees

Monthly Management Fee: 8% of one month's rent or a minimum of $85

Tenant Placement Fee: 50% of one month's rent or a minimum of $750

Set-Up Fee: $100

Period Property Survey: $125 for condos/lofts (800 sq ft or less) | $150 for all others

Rental Agreement Renewal: $150


"This is one of the better property management companies in the Portland area. They've been managing my three properties for about eight years and have done a fine job."

- Rod S., August 2016

"Mainlander has been managing my property for about 28 years now. They've been doing a great job, and I can rest easy knowing that they're there to take care of things, and I don't have to worry about it."

- Edward S., July 2016

"I have been doing business with them for almost three years and they are always doing a great job. They found a new tenant less than a week this time."

- Masaru S., October 2016

"Mainlander has managed our property for nearly thirty years, going back to the 1980's. Throughout that long period of time, I would rate this organization an "A+" We've worked with various Mainlander agents over the years and they have all been personable, efficient, and caring."

- Chet S., July 2016

"We have used Mainlander Property Management for over 30 years and there hasn't been one day in that 30 years that we have been sorry we partnered with them. They have done an excellent job of overseeing our properties, insuring that we have quality tenants, maintaining the structures and ground and thereby assuring that the property values continue to increase and generally watching over the properties as if they were their own. Sue Shimada is an absolute delight to work with and is proactive in all aspects of the properties. Over the years I have used property management firms in other cities and they don't hold a candle to Mainlander. They are truly a top tier firm."

- Robert R., June 2016